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Two types of luck

Tukhhē and Automaton (133) When speaking of fortune Derrida calls upon the Aristotelian concept of tukhē over the linked concept of automaton. The former is a chance, read into the event in terms of its outcome, of its end, which … Continue reading

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The Fortunes of Counterfeit Money

A scene conditioned by fate and social advantage (125-127) The discourse of Counterfeit Money as a whole is marked by the aleatory, by chance, by fortune (tukhē). According to the narrator of the story the unforgivable action of his friend, … Continue reading

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The Luck of the Gift

The Unconditionality of the Gift and the Event (123) The event…the unique, the one-off, happening now and never to be repeated. Both the gift and the event must be unforeseeable and must be structured by the aleatory the “chancy,” apprehended … Continue reading

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